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                    Our activities  | February 12, 2020

                    2019 Annual Results: interview with Benoît Potier

                    Air Liquide presented its 2019 Annual Results on February 11, 2020. An occasion to discuss the highlights of the year 2019 and the performance of the Group with Benoît Potier, Chairman & CEO of Air Liquide.

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                    Our relationship  | December 23, 2019

                    Every generation can enjoy share ownership!

                    Becoming an Air Liquide shareholder means acting for your own benefit while also helping to invent the future. As shareholders, you already know this. But what about new generations?

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                    Our relationship  | December 18, 2019

                    Air Liquide’s responsible commitment in the news

                    Just one year on from the announcement of its climate objectives, the Air Liquide Group has received two awards for its commitment to responsible growth.

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                    Our relationship  | October 29, 2019

                    Air Liquide and you, a story that starts with the first share

                    For the past five years, Air Liquide has showcased its shareholders in a series of portraits that highlight the diversity of your profiles and your stories. Now that the call for testimonies for the 6th season is over, let's get back to the earlier editions.

                    Your shares  | September 30, 2019

                    Free share attribution: a comprehensive guide

                    On October 9, 2019, Air Liquide will carry out its 30th free share attribution. But what exactly does this transaction consist of, and more importantly, what is its purpose? Explanation.

                    Your shares  | September 16, 2019

                    Investing in Air Liquide shares: understanding and calculating profitability

                    Are you a shareholder or would you like to become one? Several factors help make an equity investment profitable. Share price performance is not the only criterion to take into account: let’s see why with a closer look at Air Liquide shares.

                    Our relationship  | September 09, 2019

                    Valentin tells you more about the personal online Account

                    If you are a direct registered shareholder, your personal online Account, accessible via the Shareholders section of the website, makes it easy to securely manage your Air Liquide share portfolio. Valentin Gauthier, Head of the “User Experience” project within Shareholder Services, provides a step-by-step guide on how to use it.

                    Our relationship  | September 03, 2019

                    Annual General Meeting: Vanina tells you more about voting rights

                    The minutes of Air Liquide’s 2019 Annual General Meeting are now available. This annual highlight of shareholder democracy gives you the opportunity to participate directly in the life of the Group each year by voting on the proposed resolutions. But how does voting work?

                    Our activities  | July 29, 2019

                    Accelerating in hydrogen energy

                    Pioneer in the hydrogen market, Air Liquide is convinced that this molecule has a fundamental role to play in facing the climate challenge. Therefore, the Group is contributing to its development as a source of energy.

                    Coup d’accélérateur dans l’énergie hydrogène
                    Our activities  | July 11, 2019

                    Air Liquide at the heart of the digital revolution

                    Smartphones, connected cars, virtual reality, artificial intelligence: electronics power these surging technologies. A booming market, in which your Group has a key role to play, in particular through its innovative molecules and associated equipment.

                    Our relationship  | July 05, 2019

                    Your view of… Air Liquide’s Annual General Meeting

                    This year nearly 4,000 shareholders attended Air Liquide’s Annual General Meeting. We came to meet you to discover your experiences of this major annual event in the Group's calendar.

                    Our activities  | July 04, 2019

                    Innovating with deeptech start-ups

                    As you all know, Air Liquide is a Group focused on the long term. We grow with the strong belief that the future is prepared today and that we must always be capable of identifying and taking advantage of good opportunities. This leads us to provide support to deeptech start-ups; those companies that will create breakthroughs in their design and production methods.