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                    The magazine of the Air Liquide Group | Energy transition

                    While global warming and environmental concerns don’t stop increasing, Air Liquide presents its most sustainable and competitive solutions to reduce its ecological footprint and develop clean mobility.

                    Energy transition  | February 19, 2020

                    Air Liquide's Turbo-Brayton solution: a tale of success in the maritime sector

                    Air Liquide’s Turbo-Brayton cryogenic solution has seen spectacular commercial and industrial upturn, especially in maritime transport. Other promising applications are also emerging in the field of renewable energy. Read the success story.

                    Energy transition  | October 25, 2019

                    Promoting sustainable, profitable technology

                    The goal of Bertrand Piccard's Solar Impulse Foundation is to identify 1,000 "efficient solutions" that are also profitable and sustainable. To date, 16 innovations developed or supported by Air Liquide have received the Solar Impulse label. Here we take a closer look at four of them: CryonodTM, Ozone Strong Water, HyRis and an indoor air purification solution.

                    Energy transition  | September 30, 2019

                    Hydrogen mobility around the world: France and Korea

                    In the area of hydrogen mobility, France stands out as a world leader with its fleet of Parisian taxis. The 2018 Hydrogen Plan projects a massive conversion of light individual vehicles and buses. As regards Asia, Korean government intends to make the country a leading actor, with more than 500 hydrogen stations by 2030.

                    Energy transition


                    customers have already been driven across Paris by Hype's 100 hydrogen powered taxis

                    Tweeted on March 22, 2019 by cH2ange

                    Energy transition  | September 06, 2019

                    Hydrogen mobility around the world: United States and China

                    California and China both understand just how important it is to develop new energy sources if we are to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. California is deeply invested in sustainable development and for several years now has had an ambitious hydrogen mobility policy – this, in a country where the car is queen and oil is its king. China, whose cities are suffocating beneath clouds of particle emissions, is speeding up its deployment of hydrogen technology in the transport sector.

                    Energy transition  | August 28, 2019

                    Hydrogen mobility around the world: Japan and Germany

                    Hydrogen mobility is a topic of growing interest and is now seen as a viable alternative to combustion and all-electric vehicles. Let's take a look at six countries at the forefront of this energy revolution and where Air Liquide is deeply involved. Stop one with Japan and Germany, which are pioneers in this field.

                    Energy transition  | April 25, 2019

                    Transforming waste into renewable energy

                    Each day, human activity produces over 10 billion kilos of waste around the world. At a time when the energy transition is a key concern of governments, society and industry, Air Liquide is recycling organic material from farming or from household or industrial waste to convert it into biomethane, a clean and renewable alternative energy source.

                    Energy transition

                    Did You Know?

                    10 to 15

                    million cars and 500,000 trucks could be powered by hydrogen by 2030!

                    Source: Hydrogen Scaling Up - study of the Hydrogen Council - November 2017

                    Energy transition  | March 01, 2019

                    Cryocity™: working towards cleaner and quieter deliveries

                    As a result of the popularity of online orders for fresh or frozen products, urban deliveries are on the increase. Considered to be noisy and dirty, they have become a major issue for online sales and refrigerated transport companies, which also have to comply with increasingly strict environmental standards.

                    Energy transition  | January 30, 2019

                    Spreading hydrogen energy in Korea

                    In 2016, Somie Kim took on a new role as Head of the Hydrogen Energy activity in South Korea. Her mission: "to change the face of the Korean automotive industry through the deployment of hydrogen stations." Since then, she has been working in partnership with Hyundai and represents Air Liquide in a public-private consortium dedicated to this matter.

                    Energy transition  | November 29, 2018

                    HyBalance: towards carbon-free hydrogen

                    In September 2018 in Hobro, Denmark, Air Liquide inaugurated HyBalance, a pilot site for the production of carbon-free hydrogen. This unit’s specificity is that it uses electrolysis technology which allows it to balance the electricity grid and store surplus electricity in the form of hydrogen that will be used in industry and transportation. This project was initiated in 2016 in a country that is pioneering the energy transition.

                    Oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen
                    Energy transition

                    Hydrogen could contribute to


                    of CO2 emissions reduction targets by 2050

                    Read the press release dated November 13, 2017
                    Energy transition  | November 21, 2018

                    Innovate for air quality

                    As an intrapreneur at the i-Lab and member of the "Act for Air" team, Carina Krastel applies a user-centric approach and start-up methodology to develop new air purification solutions for urban pollution hot spots.

                    Energy transition  | October 19, 2018
                    Bertrand Piccard: 1,000 solutions for a sustainable world
                    Energy transition  | October 10, 2018

                    2018 Paris Motor Show: hydrogen makes its way

                    The 2018 Paris Motor Show (or Mondial) paid special attention to new technologies and alternative energies: electric, hybrid, natural gas for vehicles, etc. And naturally, hydrogen energy fitted in this trend. Toyota offered the general public the chance to test its Mirai model, while Hyundai unveiled its new 100% hydrogen vehicle NEXO. Overview.