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                    Financing tools

                    Access to different debt markets

                    Air Liquide diversifies its financing sources by accessing various debt markets. In the long run, the Group funds itself with bond issues, usually though its Euro Medium-Term Notes programme (EMTN), targeting European, American, as well as Chinese markets. Over the short term, Air Liquide has recourse to Negotiable European Commercial Paper (formerly Billet de Tresorerie) and US Commercial Paper. The Group has also access to a Syndicated Credit Facility and several bilateral credit facilities with the Group’s core banking partners for general corporate purposes.

                    EMTN: European Medium Term Notes

                    Syndicated credit facility

                    Air Liquide’s policy requires that confirmed credit lines back all commercial paper issues.

                    For this reason, the Group holds a 2 billions euro, five-year syndicated credit facility, with two one-year extension options, negotiated with its core banking partners in December 2018.

                    Bilateral credit facilities

                    Air Liquide has also contracted bilateral credit facilities with its core banking partners. As of December 31 2018, the total amount of undrawn committed credit lines reached 3.6 billion euros including the Syndicated Credit Facility.

                    Prudent liquidity management

                    As of December 31, 2018